Life is full of negativity and unfortunate events. We have gotten accustomed to life getting a little messy. 

We have struggled in dealing with failures, especially when they were followed by judgment and criticism. We learned that even if you do everything right, there will still always be people trying to tear you down. That's just the nature of the game. 

At the end of the day, all the elements of success depend on you being true to yourself. When you live unapologetically your light will shine in a way that is impossible to ignore. 

Find Your Stain

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Suspicious Stain
  • “Removing the masks and matching truths.. When that connection happens, it feels like a small explosion of knowing in my soul” Olivia P.

  • “I made a decision to not give people the power to dictate my emotions, beliefs, thoughts, or decisions. It’s MY life.” Aniyah w.

  • I’m a straight up stain! If you never rebel against anything in society, then you probably never think for yourself. -Brandon W.

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We are stains not dog shit. We don’t promote tolerate or accept racism violence or hate.

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